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The SD1541-II is now available

The SD1541-II is designed to replace the original Commodore VC1541 floppy drive. The SD1541-II emulates the original hardware with the highest accuracy and compatibility and can be used with the following Commodore computers: C64, C16, C116, PLUS/4, C128 and VIC20. You can combine the SD1541-II with fastloaders and alternative ROMs.

The SD1541-II is capable of performing all the usual disk operations, like saving PRG files, renaming, copying and deleting files and even format disk images.

Thanks to the TFT display, you can easily navigate through your collection of floppy disk images, view the contents of images and perform in-game disk swaps with a simple turn of the switch. The SD1541-II is equipped with four LEDs, which indicate head movement, motor activity and data transfer.

During the test phase, even the latest programs which are specifically designed to push the abilities of the VC1541 floppydrive to its limits, ran without any issues.

For aesthetic reasons and to prevent the risk of electrical malfunction, the SD1541-II requires an external power supply, for which you can use any universal micro USB adapter with 5V DC output. Most common smartphone chargers are suitable. Contrary to certain other emulators, the SD1541-II will only occupy the original floppydrive connector on the computer, leaving the datasette- and other interfaces available for their original purposes.

The SD1541-II uses a microSD card for storage, with a minimum capacity of 2GB. A Class 10 SDHC card with 4GB storage capacity (or more) is recommended.

User Manuals:
SD1541-II User Manual (English) (Updated)
SD1541-II Gebruikershandleiding (Dutch) (Updated)
SD1541-II Felhasználói útmutató (Magyar)

SD1541-II SD Card Contents

The SD1541-II in white box